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This is what some of the satisfied customers who have bought from The Harris Tweed Shop have to say

Matt Ray (10/18)
I have recently taken receipt of a fine jacket from yourselves that was delivered promptly in time for a wedding tomorrow.
I would like to convey my thanks for such excellent and speedy service.

Davidf Pincott (10/18)
Thank you for the coat. It's perfect. Wonderful warm fabric for these colder days. Just the right length. And looks fabulous. I seem to be developing a Scottish accent!

J Macpherson (06/18)
The caps arrived last week, and they are perfect. Thanks for the excellent work.

Tom (01/18)
I am in receipt of the two jackets today. The jackets were all I expected, and more. Needless to say I am very pleased, and the shipping was amazingly fast. Thank you for you help and courtesy during this purchase.

Bernadette (12/17)
Just wanted to let you know that my husband was delighted with his waistcoat. Thank you for producing such a lovely garment.

Petri (12/17)
This just to thank you once more. I got the Daniel (Long38) and its just perfect!

Carlo (12/17)
My jacket is even more beautiful than I expected. I am sure that I will become your loyal customer.

Tom (12/17)
My blue-and-black herringbone tweed suit arrived today, earlier than expected. The color was as deep and rich as I hoped, the tweed as thick and reassuring, and it fits like a glove! I’m so pleased and thrilled. Thanks to all of your craftspeople for their superb work, and for shipping the suit to me in time to wear to Xmas festivities. I really am very happy.

Keith (11/17)
I would like to thank everyone involved in getting me the Anthony jacket that I had wanted for almost one year.  I am more than pleased with the color and the quality of the jacket. I would like to compliment all of you on your customer support and friendly service,Please express my thanks to everyone involved in getting me the jacket that I wanted. 

Oliver Rait (11/17)
It is great to have my jacket, thank you very much.  It was nice touch to go the extra mile with the matching Harris Tweed wallet and wooden hanger.In the sea of corporate greed and bland customer service that is all around, it is heart warming to witness that genuine customer service excellence is alive and well. Thank you so much..

Keith (11/17)
Thanks for all of your efforts in getting the style and size I wanted.  

Mez (11/17)
Package received today. COAT IS FABULOUS! Beautiful tailoring, gorgeous fabric, and stellar workmanship. Can't thank you enough.

Martina (11/17)
Thank you so much to put both orders together. I saw this wonderful coin purse too late and ordered it separate. Both will be a Christmas gift for my aunt, who will jump for joy.

Dan (11/17)
The cloth arrived. I love it.

Mike (11/17)
Just to let you know the trousers have arrived safe and sound and I am very pleased with them. Thank you very much.

John Moisson (11/17)
My waistcoat has arrived, and I am very pleased with it. Thank you very much

Johann Pieete (09/17)
I here with want to thank you for sending me the replacement Barva jacket totally free of charge.

Kathleen (09/17)
You may be interested in our story...Five years ago I was visiting Scotland and bought one of your hats for my father. We live in Minnesota where it gets very cold in the winter, and my father loved his Harris Tweed cap! Unfortunately, last year it was lost and he's talked about replacing it ever since. I was so pleased to find your online store and look forward to bringing him his new cap. He will be thrilled!

Dr Massimo Celegato (09/17)
I just have to get home to try it on, no doubt you product does not require any presentation as it is normally just perfect. Your personal attention towards my order was indeed appreciated.

Lyn Ferguson (09/17)
Just wanted to let you know that my slippers arrived yesterday & I'm so pleased with them. I love Harris Tweed. I was intrigued to see that they were made in Spain though....the Tweed went a long way from home!

Naomi (09/17)
The coat arrived! It is perfect. Thank you so very, very much. I couldn't be happier. Naomi

Iain (09/17)
Just to confirm the waistcoat arrived Friday as per your email and everything is perfect Many thanks for all your help

Jan Kvalbein (08/17)
Thank you for swift delvery of two perfect fitting jackets

Thore Berggren (08/17)
Today I have received my order. This is my second business with you and I’m equally happy this time. Thank you very much for this fine jacket and waistcoat in the most beautiful tweed I have ever seen. Hope to shop with you again soon.

Jan Kvalbein (08/17)
I recieved the Tolsta jacket yesterday, and I am pleased to notify you that it was a perfect fit!

Stuart (08/17)
I have received my order in full, much appreciated.I look forward to future dealings with your store.

Parvaiz Ahmed (08/17)
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say “Thank you so much” I received the jacket and waistcoat this morning and it looks and fits beautifully! What a terrific purchase, and I will definitely buy from you again! Thanks again.

Lloyd (08/17)
Many thanks for the incredibly prompt service and rapid delivery of the Laxdale jacket that arrived here today, it fits perfectly just as your sizing guides recommend, it’s warm and suitably heavy and I am delighted. I will be recommending you highly!

Norbert Schröer (07/17)
yesterday I have received the package with vest and pants. All is OK. Thank you for the good service.

Jeremy Deschamps (07/17)
Thank you for your service. Suit arrived and was well packaged also fits great. Looking forward to wearing it for my wedding. 

Kent McCorkle (07/17)
My order was received this afternoon. I am exceptionally pleased. Thank you for the outstanding jacket, and your spot on customer service. I will do business with you again.

Jerry (07/17)
I just received my Stranraer jacket today! It is absolutely beautiful and it fits perfectly. Thank you from across the pond!

Bob Buchan (07/17)
Both jackets received and fit perfectly!
Thank you for your assistance.

Chris (07/17)
My lovely warm tweed cap arrived yesterday Thanks again

Denis Pritchard (06/17)
Many thanks for your prompt action in relation to my harris tweed jacket. My jacket arrived this morning Tuesday 27th June.
The jacket fits perfectly and I love it in every way.Best wishes and thank you again,.

Ken (06/17)
Just letting you know that the wonderful waistcoat and jacket arrived in perfect condition and fit wonderfully.Thank you for your excellent service.

Praveen (05/17)
I recieved my order and it is perfect thank you.This is my very first purchase of any tweed product and I am very impressed with the quality of the garment.

Maria Garripoli (05/17)
I received the items today and am truly very pleased with the quality and fit.

Thore (04/17)
Many thanks for the delivery that reached me yesterday. Everything’s fine and well fit. Hope to shop with you soon again.

Simon (04/17)
I bought a Finlay Harris jacket from you a few weeks back and I want to tell you how delighted I am with the quality and fit.I would like to thank Brook Taverner and ask you to pass my best wishes on.The feel, style and colours are superbThanks once again and I will be back to buy from you again.

Caroline (04/17)
Order safely received this morning. Many thanks.

Basil (04/17)
Just wanna send a big Thank you for the awesome material. Great quality.

Walter (03/17)
I received my order today, and I wanted to inform you I am very pleased with my purchase.I love the the cut of the jacket and the color is gorgeous.  it .  The tie and the overnight bag are wonderful! Thank you from a very happy customer.

D. Steven Lyth (03/17)
Thanks for sending out the swatches so quickly.  I've just placed an order for another jacket.  I'm very happy with the first one I received last October.  This one is for the lightweight wool in Callum.  Thank you! 

Aaron (03/17)
Trousers arrived yesterday. They are perfect! I'm using for the costume I'm building to be an accurate version of this Star Wars character, the Crimson Corsair. Thank's Again

Guus van Beek (03/17)
Thank you for the superb Harris Tweed Waistcoat and the excellent services. Again an wonderful piece of cloth to my collection. It wears very well and comfortable.

Philip (03/17)
I just picked up my delivery from the Post Office and I am so pleased I had to email you to say thank you again. This is one of your finest tweed creations (I have several) and beautiful work as always. Please pass on my admiration to the artisans. I will wear this with great pleasure for many years.

Janine (03/17)
My bag arrived this week, and it's lovely!! Thank you so much.

Paul (03/17)
Thank you arrived today. And all good.

Stevea (03/17)
I was very happy with the jacket I received.  It fits really well.  Thank you.  

Barbara (03/17)
The pillows arrived today and they are lovely.  Thank you for your excellent service.

Tristan (03/17)
I was extremely surprised and pleased to receive my trousers yesterday, way ahead of schedule! thanks very much for rushing these through for me Oh, and they fit absolutely perfectly!

Tadeusz Stolarski (02/17)
I received my order today, Everything fits me splendidly. Thank you for your kind co-operation.

Brian Washburn (02/17)
Received my jacket today and could not be more pleased.  The fit and finish is fantastic and the material is exceptional.  The heavy-duty hanger is also a nice touch.Thank you again!

Zak (02/17)
The jacket is well made and as I had expected. Thank you

Mike Cizek (02/17)
The Scott jacket arrived this morning, two days ahead of schedule.  It's a
perfect fit and looks VERY nice.  Thank you.

Stephen D Wheelman (02/17)
I received my Jacket this weekend and love it. It fits perfectly. Just to say you did a great job and If I need another tweed Jacket I know where to order one and now I know how long it takes. I will recommend you guys to my friends that want a jacket in good quality that they cant find else where. Thanks once again and have a great day                                  

Marshall (02/17)
Gentlemen; Thank you; the order was received today; I am wearing the pant's and feel comfortable, they look good, and fit is awesome, well done Harris Tweed Store... service quality... appreciation is. Good day

Andreas M. Steiner (01/17)
the jacket arrived safely and the size is perfect.

Bill Chishko (01/17)
The Harris Tweed Field Coat is wonderful. It gets very cold and windy here and it keeps me warm and dry, especially when clearing snow and ice.

Barbara Forrester (01/17)
A quick note to let you know the parcel has arrived.  The herringbone tween is even lovelier that the sample. I can’t wait for the jacket to be made.Many thanks
H.P. Kraft (01/17)
I received my Angus waistcoat today - a very fine garment !  I am very pleased with the waiscoat, exactly what I was looking for. Thank your reliable and fast Service.
Ken Campbell (01/17)
Over the moon, great quality and fit.
Kimberley (01/17)
The Callum Harris Tweed jacket is a wonderful fit on my husband. Well done on your measurement assumptions! Thanks  
Ken (01/17)
Thank you for the very nice waistcoat.  I am receiving frequent compliments, including insistence from my wife that I order another.  In addition, the substantial wooden hanger was a pleasant surprise.  Excellent work.
Robert Klara (01/17)
The trousers are beautiful--so exquisitely made. I'm genuinely thrilled. Thank you so much for the care you took, and I will order from you again and recommend you to my friends.
Steve S (01/17)
 I just receive the custom Norfolk Shoot ing Jacket and I would like to report that it is superb in construction and style and color. Truly  I will have to guard this garment closely as my two boys will surely abscond with it if I am not watching. This is a jacket that I have been looking for a long time now I can relax in its comfort.
M. Bos (01/17)
Package  has arrived, what a beautiful garment this Harris tweed jacket is. Thank you.
Leslie (12/16)
I just received my order, and I just want to thank you.  It’s gorgeous!  Just what I hoped it would be.  Great quality, perfect fit.  It’s my first time ordering from you.
 I am thrilled with the short jacket in Lovat Herringbone with Pastel Check, and the absolutely lovely materials.  It’s exactly what I wanted.  Thank you!  I love it!  I know I’ll order from you again.  I very much appreciate the inclusion of a nice hanger for it, too.
Thomas Preis (12/16)
I just got my waistcoat, Thank you very much for this beautiful waistcoat!Now I am considering to order a Tweet Jacket.
Sébastien Larsy (12/16)
I received the parcel at noon.The size is good and the jacket falls perfectly.Impeccable !!!Thank you very much for the speed of delivery and the quality of the products.
Akshay (12/16)
We just received the gloves in the mail. They are absolutely excellent. Thank you so very much!
Andrew Stroble (12/16)
I received my suit a few days ago and could not be happier with it. Fits like a glove(getting pants hemmed to 30 ' inseam) and looks fantastic!! My wife thought it looked amazing as well and now wants to get one of your tweed coat for herself. We will probably be placing another order after the new year.
Joseph Weed (12/16)
The jacket arrived and is wonderful-- thank you very much! I look forward to visiting your store in the future. 
Martin (12/16)
The suit is fantastic  thank you.
Joseph Simon (12/16)
The Anthony jacket arrived yesterday. Perfect fit and a beautiful jacket – you can really see the Highland hues in the material’s many colors, which make the jacket very versatile. Thanks very much.  
Fox Hill Farm (12/16)
Our teenage son LOVES the gorgeous Angus waistcoat we purchased from you for his birthday, a few months ago!  He wears it all the time!
Fabrice (12/16)
Thank you very much for your answer and your assistance. I really appreciated your efficiency: I received my order today. I am pleased with your excellent service and I appreciate a lot the very good quality of my jacket.
Alan Watts (12/16)
Callum jacket received this morning – just perfect! Thank you.
Jacqueline Gavin (12/16)
Clock has arrived in perfect condition and hangs proudly on my wall.  Thank you.
I just received my Taransay Harris Tweed Jacket and I am delighted with it. It's beautiful and fits perfectly.William H. Burke, Jr.
Pauline Gatineau (11/16)
A message to let you know that i have well received my order earlier today and i am very pleased with my new gloves whose size is just perfect!
Thank you very much for your prompt action!
The package arrived today, the gloves are great. Thanks so much for your help. 
Many thanks for completing my buying experience from your shop.
Anthony Booker(11/16)
Received jacket this morning. I am very pleased with it, fit is perfect. I think my previous jacket was "browner" tweed, this new one with a "greenish" hue is really nice. Thank you for getting it shipped quickly, I appreciate your efforts and I will spread the word that you guys are the best to buy from.
Hayden Smith (10/16)
I received my cap today. It is beautifully constructed and fits perfectly! I will certainly be doing business with you again soon! Thanks again,
Martin Pasternak (10/16)
Got it, LOVE IT!! Thanks.
Birgit (10/16)
You are a great outfit and your customer service is top notch. 
Thomas Flachsbinder (10/16)
I must thank you for a lovely service and a wonderful tweed suit. I decided to buy an Iain Suit with trousers after long consideration. Now, I can not understand why I waited! Perfect fitting right out of the box. After many years of not moving around so much I am always afraid to order cloths. But this suit fitted me perfectly! I used the tweed along with my Swedish made bicycle from 1935, it was the Stockholm Bike in Tweed event. It is a fun event and the suit got many positive comments all over. I was sure to mention that is was a real Harris Tweed to everybody and recommended your shop and that have ordered from you earlier and never had any problems. 
Eric (10/16)
I received the jacket today.It fits perfectly.
Mariette (10/16)
I received my jacket and I am very happy with it. So happy that I decided to order another jacket
Catherine MacPherson (10/16)
Trousers received and a perfect fit! Many thanks! Hubby is really pleased with his 60th birthday/ retirement present!I am hoping I might get a lovely Harris tweed jacket one day- and will certainly think about choosing one from your selection.
Colin Borthwick (10/16)
Just to say thanks the trousers and waist coat fit perfectly jacket, thanks again 100% happy would shop with u again
Max Gill (10/16)
Just a quick note to say the jacket arrived today and it looks great. Size 40s is the right fit.Thanks again for all you help.
Agustin Nunez (10/16)
Today I have received at the consulate your box containing the jacket. What can I say? It is simply superb. Every detail is just like depicted  in your web (not every site is as accurate as yours). Thank you very much for an impeccable service and an outstanding garment.
Catherine MacPherson (10/16)
My husband is very pleased with his new outfit! The jacket and waistcoat  are an excellent fit.
Mr Santelli Giovanni (10/16)
Thanks for the reply, however the jacket is very beautiful
Judi Maitland-Parr (09/16)
Order received yesterday with many thanks. Love the jacket
Mike Phelan (09/16)
I have duly received my cap and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's perfect. I will be ordering another shortly for my father and perhaps my brother.
Maria (09/16)
the Harris ladies tweed cap arrived today. Thanks a lot and I like it a lot. I would still like to get the one in pastel color.
William Moore (09/16)
Jacket got here today, all is great!!!!!!!!!!!
Dexter Simon (09/16)
Today I received my jacket from your shop.  The jacket is a perfect fit and I am looking forward to many years of use.  Thank you for making/selling such a great product.
Thank you so much. The cap arrived today and it is perfect. Now I just need to wait for some cooler weather so I can wear it! Thanks again... It is a beautiful cap!
Katherine and Wayne (08/16)
THE SUIT JUST ARRIVED!!!   We are overjoyed that it arrived in time.   We are so appreciative that you got it here so quickly - thank you thank you thank you.   
Jim De Koke (08/16)
Just received the jacket this afternoon, It's perfect will just have to wait awhile as it's so hot here to wear it. Anyway thanks so much
John Hauser (08/16)
The sport coat arrived today, fits well.
Susan Botterill (07/16)
Just to let you know that we have just taken delivery of the coat stand and are very happy with it.
Edward Burk (07/16)
Thank you for all your help.  I did order the Anthony Jacket-Waistcoat Combo.  Was a little worried about the fit, however I received and it fits wonderfully.  An increadable jacket and waistcoat.  I will be wearing for a long time.Thank you
Nils Olov Thomas (07/16)
Thank you for the delivery that arrived today. Everything perfect.
Pete Finkelstein (06/16)
I received my jacket today. It is fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for.Thank you so much for your great service.
Peter Winbom (06/16)
I recived the new items today and they were a perfect fit.I want to thank you for your help.I will use and enjoy my new clothes for years to come. 
John (06/16)
Just to say, that my trousers and cap arrived safely and I am delighted with them.
John (06/16)
Harris Tweed Herringbone Jacket - Ness.  The fit and  appearance are excellent.  I like to think the color and pattern were inspired by the description in Peter May 's "Black House" of Fin boating out to  An Sgeir on a dark stormy night passing Ness, Isle of Lewis The bottom line is that I could have paid less for a Harris Tweed Jacket, but I could not be more satisfied.Thank you,
Bill (06/16)
I want to thank you for your help in replacing the jacket I recently purchased. The 44S fit perfectly. Even the sleeves are the right length. I am a happy guy!
John (06/16)
John (The cap arrived safe and sound today.It is great.
Roger G Pollock (05/16)
I received my coat today, and it looks great and fits well!  Many thanks!
Ole Hinz (04/16)
I received my trews today. They are simply perfect! I will gladly recommend you to friends!
Maggie (04/16)
Thank you for the lovely coat. It is beautiful.
Calum Rory MacDonald (04/16)
I am extremely fortunate to be the proud owner of Rory pattern Harris Tweed Jacket & waistcoat from your store. I am now looking to add to my collection and purchase a pair of Rory pattern Harris Tweed trousers to match.
Dana Dame (04/16)
I received my jacket today and it is gorgeous.  The fabric and cut  is stunning.  
John (04/16)
Thank you all very much! My jacket arrived today, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I will certainly shop with you again when I need another.
Bob Stober (04/16)
Thank you for your response. The jacket arrived yesterday and I am very happy with it.
Kevin McCabe (04/16)
Thank you ! What a wonderful company you are. I look forward to purchasing more items. This is the beginning of a long friendship. I will highly recommend the Harris Tweed Shop to my family and friends.  From across the pond a very satisfied customer.
John Barry Dawson (03/16)
I refer to our conversation this morning wherein I expressed my total satisfaction with the quality and service offered by your company. The jacket which ordered (Anthony) is a delight. The fabric is superb, the quality outstanding and so well made.......fits perfectly too. I'm so satisfied with my purchase as you know I immediately ordered a Stuart jacket. Thank you for your attention to detail and service.
Ella Schofield (03/16)
Thank you very much for such brilliant service 
John Olver (03/16)
The jacket arrived in excellent condition and fits perfectly. Thanks for the fast turnaround and excellent quality.
Peter Lowery (03/16)
The replacement jacket arrived and is great!!!! Many thanks
Murray Timorth (03/16)
 I received my items and they are very nice and great quality. Thanks for your great service and patience.
Alex (03/16)
Received this beautiful jacket today-a work of art. Many thanks
Eden Martin (02/16)
I wanted to let you know that my blue jacket arrived safely and it's terrific.  Thanks very much
Alison (02/16)
Thank you for your prompt service , the tweed and two labels arrived safely. The colour is better than anticipated so we are very happy
Martin (02/16)
Many thanks – that was quick, they said by 5pm MondayThank you for all your help, the service has been excellent and my wife is delighted with her jacketMartin
John Wallace (01/16)
Love the jacket. Have enjoyed wearing it.
Alexander (01/16)
Thank you, I really like the jacket and vest and so far I had many great compliments. both the color and the material are outstanding.. Perhaps in few months I will order the suite as well.
Brian (01/16)
I received my beautiful ANTHONY Harris Tweed jacket today. Thanks
Robert (12/15)
The jacket I ordered arrived today.  It is an absolute beauty.  It's put together with excellent craftsmanship - it is clothing of true quality.  It fits great, the color is perfect and the jacket looks very good on me.   A wonderful product and I am really happy with it.  When I get a few more bucks, I will be ordering a suit.Thank you so much for working with me to get this delivered.  I wish you and your team a Happy New Year!
Ruth Dovalí (12/15)
Thank you for your answer specialy because you took the time to answer back on christmas eve. My order was delivered at 2:30 on the 24th. Just in time to wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree.Thank you again for your kind interest and excellent service.
Kristin Ellingsen (12/15)
I have just received the iPad case and love it! Thank you so much I do appreciate you sending it so fast. 
Sheldon Renasci (12/15)
I just received the gloves today. They are spectacular and everything is perfect. Much appreciated for the prompt shipping. Thank you kindly.
David Schildknecht (12/15)
Thank you, I have received the very nice jacket.
Marleen Sutter (12/15)
I would like to thank you for dealing so promptly and efficiently with my order which has arrived safely on last Saturday. I'm impressed about this speed of delivery and also I have enjoyed very much the beautiful packing of the fabric.  - Excellent service all round of the Harris Tweed Store! - Thank you!
Lan (11/15)
I recently received my second waistcoat from your company. They both have exceeded my expectations, and I will certainly be ordering more of your products.
Edward Andrew (11/15)
I just received my order and felt compelled to send you this note and wished to tell you how exceptionally pleased I am. I researched for several months before I placed my order with you and now feel I made the best decision in choosing The Harris Tweed Shop for my purchase. The quality and fit are absolutely fantastic. The jacket and cap are of fabulous quality. Using the size chart provided on your website proved to be the only way to insure a perfect fit. The quality and craftsmanship of both items is beyond my expectations. I would most definitely recommend to anyone purchasing their Harris Tweed products through your shop.
I will most definitely be a customer in the future as I already am looking into other items. Thank you!
Ian (11/15)
The waistcoat arrived safely.Thank you for the service, I am sure I will be in touch again.
Duncan (11/15)
Very happy with the Murdo I bought.
Daniel Steffen (11/15)
I have just received my mail ordered Murdo Harris Tweed jacket and I am absolutely delighted. It transpires quality all over, is beautifully cut and fits me perfectly. I ordered Sunday evening and received it today Thursday in The Netherlands, what more can I expect? Thanks to all at the Harris Tweed shop, I will let my friends know about it…
Emiko (11/15)
I received the product today.  The cloth is wonderful as expected. Thank you !
Alex (11/15)
Just a quick word to let you know that my order has arrived in Berlin. Thank you for  the speedy delivery.
Katalin Varga (10/15)
Your beautiful fabric arrived !!!  Thank you !
Francesca Donato (10/15)
Today I've received my bags, they are very beautiful,  Sono bellissime GRAZIE!!!!!!!!
John Moisson (10/15)
A brief note to say how delighted I am with the jacket and waistcoat which arrived way ahead of the predicted six weeks. Of course since Harris Tweed is so hard wearing I shall have a little difficulty in persuading myself that I ‘need ‘ another very soon but no doubt I can devise some good reason to enter into negotiations with my wife to expand my wardrobe!
Eric Dobie (10/15)
Waistcoat arrived safe and sound and is perfect fit
Lan Cawthon (10/15)
I just placed an order for my second waistcoat. The one I purchased last year has given me much enjoyment. I can wear it with a suit & tie to work; or to dinner with a jacket sans tie; and have even worn it in the field to hunt or hike. And sometimes just around the house because I want to!  It is the perfect outer garment.
I look forward to my next one, and the one after that!
Gemma Bruno (09/15)
Thanks very much for the great service. Many thanks
Colleen McQueen (09/15)
The items arrived so very quickly and were quire reasonably priced. They are more beautiful than I even hoped. Breathtaking handwork. I am so pleased. I know people will stop me when they see me carrying this bag and I will happily point them your way. Thank you for your excellent product and stellar service.
Robin Oranski (09/15)
I received my order last week. Everything is beautiful!! All of the items are so lovely.
Stuart Thorn (09/15)
Just received the Jacket. BEAUTIFUL. Fits perfect
Robin Oranski (08/15)
Thank you for helping me with my order.  It was so nice to get your opinion on the colors and style.  I hope to someday visit your store in person!!  You have such lovely items.  I look forward to getting my new purse, gloves and wallet.
Mrs Joanne Hunter (08/15)
I am just writing to say thank you so very much for the excellent service I received, excellent communications, very quick postage, and lovely gift wrapped.  
We will be shopping with you again.
Kent Pharaoh (08/15)
The waistcoat arrived in today's post.  It is a perfect fit.
Carla Nolin (07/15)
I received my jacket and love it – It’s a perfect fit and the  color is just beautiful. Thank you.
Audrey Mulholland (07/15)
Just a short email to say my husbands beautiful jacket arrived very quickly. I am very impressed with the service. He is delighted with the jacket.
Becky & Justin (06/15)
The waistcoat you sent to Spain has arrived.  It was delivered yesterday evening and is perfect.  Again i must thank you for your help and understanding during my panic. It is wonderful to know that there still is lovely people and great customer service in the world.
Darryl (06/15)
The suit arrived this morning and is up to expectations. The temps in Melbourne have been low and the new suit will be most appropriate.
Johnnie (06/15)
I received the jacket yesterday. It is perfect ! The quality is wonderful and it fits like a glove, also thank you for the coat hanger ! It was a wonderful touch and makes the purchase all the more special. My only regret....that I could not buy the jacket from the shop in person :) I am very happy indeed with the purchase AND your level of customer service. I WILL be recommending you to my brother in law who is wanting to purchase a tweed suit.
Lesley (06/15)
Thank you, got waistcoat yesterday! Looks lovely!
Russell (06/15)
the Patrick jacket arrived today and I am very happy with it.
Gail Leichtman (06/15)
Dr. Atkins did receive his cap and is very pleased with it. Thank you very much
Kara (06/15)
I wanted to let you know that my order from your shop arrived and I am very happy with it. Thanks again for your excellent products and customer service.

Norman (05/15)
Thank you for your excellent service

Don Sharpe (05/15)
The jacket has arrived safely today.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am with it.  Thank you for sending it out so  promptly.

Jack M. Schultz (05/15)
The waistcoats arrived over the weekend--just as I ordered! They look stellar! Many thanks for the good work!  

Jim Hickley (04/15)
My Jacket + Waistcoat arrived promptly  yesterday, within 48 hours of the order having been placed. This is the first time that I have purchased a genuine Harris Tweed garment, when I opened the box, I was blown away. The garments are top quality. The cloth is beautiful, the tailoring is outstanding and the fit is perfect, reaching and indeed, exceeding, all of my hopes and expectations. I could not be more pleased. I obviously chose the best product and the best retailer.My compliments and best wishes to the Harris Tweed Shop. You will certainly be my first port of call for any future purchases.

Gary (04/15)
I received the Jacket (and hat) I ordered last week- It is perfect- and worth the wait !

John Wanless (04/15)
I am very pleased with the jacket, the look and fit are both excellent.  I'm looking forward to wearing it.   I have you bookmarked!

A. Kantar (03/15)
My second 3/4 Harris Tweed Coat arrived today and I couldn’t be happier. It fits just like my first one and gives me the option of alternating between two of superb woolen coats. The best part is that both are sized generously so that they comfortably fit over a HT sport jacket or a heavy sweater. I also have been enjoying the blue weave HT jacket that I purchased a couple of months ago. As far as I’m concerned, the Harris Tweed Shop is the unsurpassed because of your superior customer customer service and merchandise of the highest quality. Thanks so much!

Damien (03/15)
I received the jacket on yesterday, it's gorgeous. thanks a lot.

Pamela (02/15)
You have a customer for life. I’m so pleased with the fit, feel, look and most importantly the attention to detail and quality of my lovely new jacket. I’ll probably wear it to shreds. And the sleeves are long enough! Eureka! I feel like my Scottish Godfather and ancestors are smiling benignly from above. I smile whenever I think of the weaver who made the beautiful cloth and the seamstresses or tailors who constructed such a fine jacket. It’s such a delight to have a real item meant to last, of the very best work that everyone who contributed to it could do. I’ll be back fore more presently.

Fiona Sheahan (02/15)
The jacket is wonderful

Becky Czarnecki (02/15)
Thank you so very, very much for the beautiful tweed jacket and vest!!!!  It had arrived in the States last week,   I do thank YOU, though!!!  Your company is excellent!!! I gave James his gift and he is just amazed!!!  He said, "I'll bet that company has the sheep nearby, spun their wool right there and hand-made this jacket!"  He was so awestruck by the quality!  He even said, "Even the hanger is the best hanger I've ever laid my hands on!"  So I want to make sure that you know how appreciated all of your efforts have been!  James and I are very happy!!!  Thank you

Dom Genova (02/15)
I just got the jackets. They are truly works of art! I could not be happier. I especially love your personal service and attention to details. I feel like I have friends in Scotland. Your warm wool jackets  almost make me feel sorry it's going to be summer here someday

Pierre (02/15)
I have just received my callum. It is as good as expected. Thank you. I also really appreciate the suggestions you made.

Andy Kantar (02/15)
A couple of months ago I purchased the ¾ Men’s Harris Tweed Coat, and I believe it may be  the best coat I have ever owned. The generous sizing allows it to slide on smoothly over a chunky-knit sweater or Harris Tweed sport jacket and the layering never makes it feel or look bulky. The styling is extraordinary and, of course, the brown Harris tweed is incomparable. I couldn’t be happier.Thanks so much!

Per D (02/15)
Thank you! Wonderful color, perfect fit and a the most exclusive hanger I have ever seen!

John Caulfield (02/15)
Just a short note to say I received the replacement Jacket and Waistcoat and both fit extremely well.  Many thanks..

Ulyana (01/15)
Just wanted to thank you once again - my husband loved the jacket, it fit him perfectly and he is very happy!  Thanks so much for a wonderful experience.

Wade (12/14)
It came in the mail yesterday and I like it a lot!

Paul (12/14)
Beautiful fabrics, one very happy wife.

Mr. K A Moss (12/14)
Just a line to let you know that I received the above garment this morning, it looks and fits a treat.
Thank you & merry Christmas.

Guus van Beek (12/14)
The Harris Tweed Light Jacket Angus arrived well and thanks again for your excellent service and high quality products: great fit and outstanding quality cloth and colours

David Hudson (12/14)
Replacement jacket arrived today,  thank you very much for an excellent service.

Juan Carlos Garcia (12/14)
just to let you know we received the Jacket yesterday and wanted to let you know how beautiful it is and how please the recipient was.  The fabric is beautiful and the cut fits perfectly, Merry Christmas Thank you

Warren (12/14)
I love this jacket, wanted a good HarrisTweed for years. Such a pleasure to wear. A fine Christmas to you.

Tracy (12/14)
Just wanted to say I received my gloves today and they are lovely.  Thank you for all your help.

Alexandra Brady (12/14)
The jacket arrived today! It is so lovely - my husband will be thrilled! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Christopher J (12/14)
Thanks I got the suit and fits perfect.

Jules Green (12/14)
Just a quick line to commend you on the excellent quality and fit of the recently supplied Herringbone Jacket. In addition your service can only be described as exemplary. I look forward to doing further business with you in the future. Many Thanks

Jim (12/14)
received my jacket today. It is all I expected and more. the fit is perfect. the color is exactly as it was shown on the website. I could not be happier.

John Baker (12/14)
It is a pleasure to do business with your company and would not hesitate to recommend you to friends should the need arise.

Zonta Francesco (12/14)
Dear all, received this morning. Wonderful tweed, also packaged with lovely care. Thanks, wish you great Christmas period.

Mark Bayer, PhD (11/14)
My overcoat arrived today and everything appears to be in order. The fit is excellent.Thanks again

Lanny R. Cawthon (11/14)
I just received my waistcoat in McCleod check pattern. It is OUTSTANDING! I could not be happier!  I will be placing more orders for more Harris Tweed articles.

Fitz (11/14)
Just to let you know:I received the jacked on Friday. It looks absolutely spiffing. Great craftsmanship and great service.

Colin B (11/14)
I confirm that I have received delivery of the trousers.An excellent fit.Thanks very much

Dom Genova (11/14)
Thanks! It is fantastic! (Mens Jacket) When my daughters are home for Thanksgiving this week (they are 22 and 25) I hope that they can pick out Christmas gifts for themselves from your store! I could not be happier.

Ruben (11/14)
Very nice quality and service, I was assuming it but in fact is better than expected ones. I will be sending more orders
in near future.

Dom Genova (11/14)
I am amazed by your great customer service. I appreciate it very much and will be doing more business with you. Thanks 

Vicki Agnew (10/14)
Thank you! They 'Tweed Gloves' arrived today and they're stunning! Thanks again!

S Havaux (10/14)
I received my Calllum jacket yesterday .It’s really a very nice model and match well with some woollen pairs of trouser I have. It’s also really comfortable to wear.

Hans Werner Dohnke (10/14)
Thank you so much for the delivery of my order, which I have received today.  I am so happy about the fine quality and hope to Order soon again at Harris Tweed Shop.

Martyn Paradise (10/14)
The coat arrived yesterday. It is great. Thanks for the excellent service and the lovely product.I shall enjoy wearing it this winter.

Arthur Smith (10/14)
The braces are just what i have been looking for,  i am over the moon with them , I looked everywhere in Australia for a decent pair of braces but to no avail.

Stéphan Havaux (10/14)
I’m really delighted with the Patrick jacket and expecting  the same feeling with the Callum.

Alan (09/14)
Jacket received Today, perfect fittting. Thank you

Mike (09/14)
I just received the jacket and it’s exactly what I was hoping for. It looks terrific   I need to find a stick now to keep all the women away.  Thanks for the fast delivery.

Bill Chishko (09/14)
Just an email to tell you that the field coat and vest arrived in Greensburg yesterday. Exceptional service ! Beyond my expectations. Both the vest and coat fit perfectly. The field coat - WOW - Just can't find a superlative that would adequately describe my feelings.
Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!!
It will be one of my favorites. My brother and friends surely will envy me. I am anticipating visiting your shop, when I am next in Scotland.

Chris Porreca (10/14)
Thank you very much! Again: the jacket is beautiful!  Looking forward to doing business again.

Bernadette McHugh (09/14)
Thank you for my lovely cape which was delivered by courier today. It was a pleasure visiting your shop when we were in Newtonmore.

Robert (09/14)
It has arrived. Yes my jacket is here!! It fits perfect and looks great. Thanks for everything

Inka Gluschke (09/14)
Thanks so much for your fast sending

Fiona (08/14)
This is just to say that my order was delivered yesterday and I am absolutely delighted with the two beautiful and colourful jackets – they are really gorgeous.

Lianne (08/14)
Just a note to thank you for our lovely cushions, we received them today. We ll most definitely be ordering more in the near future!

Jenny (08/14)
Hat received today - a nice snug fit!

Mary-Rose Weir (08/14)
Many thanks,coat came today and it is perfect

Scott Vervoordt (08/14)
Thanks so very much for the prompt delivery of my jacket & waistcoat. It arrived yesterday and looks as well as it fits!

Carl T. Peterson (08/14)
Wonderful workmanship. I received my cap this morning. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanking you,and all concerned.

Kathrine Domachuk (08/14)
The short jacket in Violet Tweed is absolutely lovely. Beautiful fabric, gorgeous colour, perfect style and so well made. I am so glad I bought it.

Simon (07/14)
I received these trousers a short time back. I want to say how delighted I am with them. Thank you so much for finding the material. I had occasion to wear the whole suit yesterday and am very pleased indeed with it.

Peter Sullivan (07/14)
Just a quick note to say I have received my trousers & am delighted with them so a big thank you – the speed in which they were made & sent is incredible. Am looking forward to receiving the waist coat to set off the whole ensemble. Once again thank you

Carl Peterson (07/14)
Thank you. I just received the jacket and vest. They fit perfectly and the quality of your craftsmanship is top notch. I could not be more satisfied. Thank you to all involved with my order.

Diego (06/14)
I'm very excited as my parcel just arrived and it looks fantastic! Thank you so so much for being so prompt and sending me not just the garment, but also making me so happy :) The fabric and colours are exactly what I was dreaming off.

Keith Taylor (06/14)
The Harris Tweed mobile telephone case arrived this morning.It is a first class product and I am delighted that I came across it on the web site.  Thank you very much indeed for your excellent service.

John Butler (06/14)
The jacket arrived on Tuesday morning, all aspects fit, colour, style exceed expectations. I am more than happy. Thank you for your prompt, helpful and efficient service.

Frank Miller (05/14)
I just received shipment of a beautifully-tailored Harris tweed overcoat that now fits me PERFECTLY! Your efforts in getting this situation rectified are greatly appreciated. I will wear my new overcoat with pride.

Johann Andersson (05/14)
The waist coat arrived safely and looks wonderful. Thanks!

Brian Fisher (04/14)
Thanks so much!  By the way, I wore my Patrick jacket for first time yesterday. It was VERY well received. Nice job!

John G. A. Swarbrick (04/14)
Hi, Just to thank you for my Jacket & made to measure Waistcoat they arrived yesterday, they look and feels great and 2 weeks early you can't get better than that. If only I had found your store in January it would have saved me a lot of hassle. I will certainly be back and recommending The Harris Tweed Shop.

Quintin (04/14)
Just to let you know that the waistcoat arrived safely yesterday .I have now been able to try on my full suit and it feels great – thank you very much

Patricia Salter (04/14)
My husband purchased a purple tweed jacket from you for my birthday last fall. I have been wearing it over the winter and appreciate the beautiful color, excellent construction, and warmth in our damp cool climate. The seamstress commented on how well it was made when I took it in to have the sleeves shortened as well. 

Marie (04/14)
I just got a phone call from our son, David.  He just received his coat and vest and is so delighted with it.  It was well worth the wait.  I can't thank you enough!

Marianne (04/14)
Thank you. The parcel arrived safe and sound. Love the products 

Alison (03/14)
My husband has hardly taken off the jacket since I gave him

Guus van Beek (03/14)
Today I received the Harris Tweed waistcoat in Prussian Red with Burgundy lining. Again an excellent piece of handcraft: perfect fitting and beautiful Harris Tweed cloth. Great match with the Harris Tweed Rory jacket (limited edition). Also thanks for the excellent services.

Mark Williamson (03/14)
I received my custom 3-piece Harris Tweed suit. The suit and fit turned out very well done, indeed. I would like to thank you and your team, including the tailor.

Jeanne (02/14)
The wallet arrived and I am very pleased with it – many thanks,

Quintin Macmorland (02/14)
I have just received the trousers that you sent and wanted to say thank you – they are a wonderful fit and look great with the jacket.

Sophie Michel (02/14)
I have receive my coat. It's great, I'm very happy. Thank you very much.

Caroline (02/14)
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for my coat. It is fantastic and I'm absolutely delighted with it.

Aleksander (01/14)
I received the parcel with my order in Friday 31.01.14. Thank you for Gentleman's Harris Tweed Over Coat! The quality is superb, tweed is perfect!

Elena Karaseva (01/14)
Today I received a package with my purchase. Tweed is just wonderful! Thank you so much for your lovely fabric and great success in your business!

R Tyler (01/14)
Thank you!! I love the jacket!  Such a great product! Love it, Love it!

Frank A. Barton (01/14)
Thank you,  love the jacket and it fits perfect.

Russell Spencer (01/14)
Thank you for your email. Jacket arrived and is a perfect fit - in addition, the tweed is exactly what I was looking for - very pleased.

Nick Kyparissas, Greece (01/14)
be glad to hear that the gloves arrived here today, and I am more than pleased with them! The quality is superb and everything was as described... You will hear from me again in the future for sure! I am certain that I will buy a jacket from you one day!

Trevor (01/14)
Just a quick note to let you know that the material arrived safely yesterday and that I'm very pleased with these beautiful products.

Lynne (01/14)
Just to let you know I received my hat today!!  It is lovely, fits perfectly, and I can't believe how quickly it arrived.
Today it is forty-two degrees, and this is expected to last till the end of the week, so it will be quite a few months before I can wear it!

Elizabeth Downes, Australia (01/14)
The goods were received yesterday afternoon, perfectly packaged and exactly what my husband was looking for.  He will definitely be purchasing more items from your company at a future date.

Christopher Spencer (01/14)
Thank you. It is a beautiful coat. As a mans top coat used to be. I am very pleased.

Dan (12/13)
Just wanted to say thank you for this perfect transaction. The parcel arrived today and the jacket was perfect.

Peter Walker (12/13)
My tweed Glen jacket just arrived. It is absolutely superb , great cloth and superb tailoring. Thank you so much.

David W.Storrie (12/13)
Have received both coats on a nasty day here in Texas. Have to convey how extremely pleased I am sir with your service and product. Worth every penny!

Sammy Brush (11/13)
I have now received the jacket. I am delighted with it and indeed the fast service from The Harris Tweed Shop.

Marie-France Welter, Luxembourg (11/13)
I received my ordered jacket today. Thank you so much. It is really beautiful :o) very happy !

Cearda McGregor (12/13)
I just wanted to let you know that I received my jacket today and I am delighted with it. Thanks too for the hanger.

Merlin Ellis Williams, USA (11/13)
I now own two wonderful Harris Tweed Jackets. They fit just perfectly. I was out and about today. Wore one of the jackets under a light cover coat and I was very comfortable. The high temperature today, here in Minnesota, was -5 degrees C with a 32kph wind. The two jackets are the most comfortable jackets I have ever owned. Your service has been outstanding.

Clifford T Rock Jr (11/13)
The jacket arrived today and it is exquisite .Thank you!

Nick Stokes (11/13)
Thank you for the excellent jacket and waistcoat you sold me.  It is a very unique pair of items, and absolutely exactly what I wanted - even better than depicted in your photos.  The quality of the material is first class, and the construction is understated and classic. I will recommend you to everyone who asks about my Harris tweeds over here in the US.  Again - thank you.

Sharron Huffman (11/13)
I just wanted to write and say, 'thank you' and to let you know my new tweed blazer arrived today safe and sound.  It's absolutely beautiful.  I love it and will wear it for many, many, many years to come.  Thank you, again.

Doug Morris (11/13)
All three jackets arrived today.  Thanks very much.  They all look great and fit great.

J.P. Dessel (11/13)
I received my waistcoat and I love it.  Next year I will get a sports coat! thank you so much for your help with this!

Sally Ely (11/13)
I have recently brought a ladies harris tweed jacket and love it. Many thanks

D Saunders (11/13)
Just to let you know I have revived my jacket I am very pleased with it it fits a treat Thank you all

David M. Pugh (11/13)
I wish to thank you for your prompt service. The vest( waistcoat)  is all I expected, well made and handsome. I hope I may do business with you again.

Sophie Michel (11/13)
Today, we receive the Gents coat. It looks great, my husband is very happy. Thank you. I'm looking forward to receive mine.

Tom (11/13)
Love the breeks!   Looking forward to receiving coat and hat.

Guy Wilson (11/13)
My Rory jacket arrived recently safe and sound, for which many thanks.. This tweed is absolutely beautiful. different shades and even colours emerge in different lights. It is a wonderful garment that, as long as I play my part and don't change shape dramatically, should serve me well for many, many years.

Jane (10/13)
Thank you for the prompt despatch of my replacement jacket which arrived today. It fits me perfectly and I am delighted with it.

Richard (10/13)
I received the jacket this morning and it is beautiful.  It was well worth the wait. Thank you very much for your help.

Danielle Reim (10/13)
I recently received from your shop a great quality Rory Tweed Jacket and I want to thank you for the exceptional service throughout the transaction. I love the superior craftsmanship and perfect fit. I am looking forward to my next purchase from Harris Tweed Shop.

Bridget Syms (10/13)
Many thanks for my lovely jacket. It's well worth the wait, and I know it will be one of the key items in my wardrobe for years to come. Lovely fabric and great cut, I'm not disappointed.

Guus van Beek (10/13)
Thank you for sending this high quality piece of work. (Harris Tweed Rory Jacket) It perfectly fits and it will be an additional treasure in my Harris Tweed Jacket collection. Thanks for the excellent services !!

Ian (10/13)
The waistcoat arrived safely today -thankyou - and thank you for the splendid Harris Tweed Coat hanger !

Kristi Knapp (10/13)
We received the Rory jacket yesterday, and he loves it.  It needs almost no tailoring.  My husband likes it so much that he'd like to order another jacket right away. He is interested in the Patrick jacket.  Is the fabric a similar weight to the Rory? Is the fit of the jacket similar? And finally, do you have a 42 regular in stock?

Shampa, India (10/13)
Just wanted to let you know that my skirt has arrived today and it's simply beautiful! Absolutely love it. Thanks a lot.

Joe Seidel (10/13)
I am very pleased with the coat you sent me and impressed with the quick delivery. The attention to detail is excellent love all the interior pockets and button downs and of course the fabric is first rate. The fit is most comfortable. Thank you for a job well done.

Emmett (10/13)
The wedding went wonderful, and everyone loved the suit, myself included.

Karl Muller(10/13)
I just got the jacket. It suits well like always.  Thank you very much. 

Burton (10/13)
Just a quick note to tell you that the coat was delivered today.  That was quick!  I am delighted with the quality and the
fit is perfect.   Thanks again

John Speed (10/13)
Received my jacket.  Very nice!  Thank you.

Christina, Australia (09/13)
Me and my Dad just wanted to say a very big thank you, for the beautiful jacket that you made him, he really loves it a lot!! Thanks heaps for that, it is very excellent, and we really appreciate it a lot

D. Savert, Netherlands (09/13)
My order of a Pembroke Nut Brown Tweed Coat just arrived. I am delighted and very impressed with the quality. The tweed cloth is gorgeous. Thank you very much!

Magnus, Sweden (09/13)
I just would like to thank you for yet another beautiful tweed jacket (and cap). For sure, I will be back as your customer!

Mark Clayson, UK (09/13)
Very pleased with my recent purchase of a Taransay Autumn is here!. looking forward to enjoying wearing it. Excellent service .....Thank you

Gill, UK (08/13)
Thank you - parcel arrived this morning - very Happy - great selection & will order again.

Jack Craft (08/13)
My 44L arrived and fits perfectly. Thank you for the truely beautiful jacket.

Matt, USA (08/13)
Good afternoon from across the pond. I just wanted to say thank you my order arrived today with a perfect fit. Looking forward to years of wear. Again thank you for the speedy delivery of my cap. Have a great day.

Gerda Hoogendijk-Brouwer, Holland (08/13)
On Saturday I have received the tweed remnants you so kindly send to the Netherlands. Thank you very much, the fabric is beautiful. I have entered an art contest about the "green heart of Holland" and am using Harris tweed for the most part of the quilt. Thanks once again.

Aleksander Haug, (08/13)
Thank you for outstanding customer service. Your customer service is as great as the clothes you are selling.

Henry Gillespie, (08/13)
Just a note to thank you for the Hamish cloth which arrived yesterday. It is a beautiful tweed and will make a handsome jacket.

Guus van Beek, (07/13)
The waistcoat (Brown Green Taransay) received two days ago a and again thank you very much for these excellence services. The waistcoat was Taylor-made on request and has excellent quality. Strong recommendation
for the Harris tweed Shop for all customers who would like to wear Harris Tweed Taylor made waistcoat and jacket: excellent products and excellent services.

John Morland, New Zealand, (07/13)
Cap arrived at my house in New Zealand within five days. I am very pleased with the size, colour and quality of the product, also the excellent service.

G.P.Harley, (07/13)
thank you for the Harris Tweed jacket I ordered a week ago this past Monday.  It has just arrived and is an excellent
fit.  I am very pleased.

John Morland, (07/13)
The cap arrived way down here in New Zealand in just over one week. Excellent service. I am very pleased with the
cap and will purchase another in a different colour soon. Thank you

Joav Niran, (07/13)
The order just landed at my house. It took 15 days from order to delivery. (Scotland to Australia)  The jacket is great and fits me perfectly.  I am chuffed!

Bill, (07/13)
The coat and waistcoat arrived...everything is fine! Thanks too for sending it so I had to sign for it at the post office.
Thanks for everything.

Mark A Lyon, (07/13)
I received my suit today and I am writing to say that I am very happy with it.  I hope you can keep my measurements on file, as I plan to make additional purchases later this year. Thank you very much.

Kay Still, (06/13)
I just wanted to let you know my husband loved the wallet and I decided to keep the belt and give it to my Dad....two
very happy fathers yesterday! Many thanks for all your help,

Gideon van Tonder, South Africa, (06/13)
I have received my jacket this afternoon. Beautiful, fits perfectly, just what I wanted. Problem free delivery. Regards
from a very satisfied customer.

Jurg Raschle, (06/13)
The jacket has now arrived and I am very pleased with it. All fits at its best. Thank you for the work and have good time. I’d very much like to order another item from your shop.

Ed Leigh, (06/13)
I received my Angus Light Tweed Jacket today, and ITS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help; I will seek to acquire other items in the future.

Joseph, (05/13)
Order arrived today. Fits like a glove. Recommending to all my friends. Many thanks!

Steve Edlin, Australia (05/13)
Just to let you know that the jacket you sent fitted perfectly! It's beautiful. Thank you for your expertise.

Steve Goodin, (05/13)
I am so happy with the two stock Harris Tweed jackets in 44 R I purchased from you that I want to purchase one more jacket, Marr pattern, with a matching 6 button waistcoat.

Bill Van Ornum, (05/13)
The suit has arrived and it is splendid! It fits nicely, too. Thank you for including braces as I am totally naive about these.

Kari Ylioja, (05/13)
The jackets arrived today so no need to reply to my previous e-mail. Both jackets fit very well. Thanks a lot.

Jim and Julie Vandling, (04/13)
Mom has received her coat and it is PERFECT!  She loves it.  Tailoring is excellent; fit is excellent.  Thanks Nigel and Susan!  She said this is the best birthday and Mother's Day gift ever!!!

James Cannon, (04/13)
I just received the two caps from your shop today, that my wife had ordered. I am the one that wears the caps! Thank you for the excellent quality and workmanship. Now I have three. I hope to make a trip over there someday soon, and then I would like to order a coat. Thanks!

Bill, (04/13)
I love everything you've sent. As each one arrives, it becomes my favourite. The Norfolk jacket is really neat. I ordered another one so I have one for outdoors/hiking/fishing and one for "dress" as a college prof. Thanks for keeping a valuable art and craft alive.

Dana, USA (04/13)
Just received my jacket -- that was fast! It fits great. Thanks very much.

Chris (04/13)
The postman has just delivered my jacket! I like it very much.

Mick, UK (04/13)
My jacket arrived safely this morning; many thanks for a pleasant and trouble free transaction. Very pleased with both the product and the service..

Jane, UK (04/13)
I never got round to saying how delighted I am with the Sky Blue Harris Tweed order you sent me in March . I am
having it made into a lovely coat for my daughter's wedding, which will take place above Uig Sands on Lewis. The lady who is making the coat for me is also delighted with the fabric . I felt you and also the maker of the tweed would like to know.

Bryan, USA (04/13)
My jacket arrived today. It is very nice and fits great. If I ever get to see Scotland, I'll bring it along for a homecoming,
but first I will introduce it to the San Francisco fog. I will be ordering again, thanks again for the great product and service.

Billy (04/13)
I received my cap. Thank you. It fits perfected!

Ruth (03/13)
I just wanted to let you know that the jacket arrived safely and that it is very nice.

Graham Thomas (03/13)
Received with many thanks. Delighted. Fit is right, as well!

Page Graham (03/13)
I wanted you to know the cap arrived. Great looking and everything I hoped it would be. Looking forward to doing business again.

Mike (03/13)
Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful customer service over the past months! Best jacket I've ever owned.

William Hamilton (03/13)
just to let you know, my order arrived today (03/08/2013. Much earlier than I expected. As I anticipated from Harris Tweed, the jacket was the finest kind. Thank you again for all your help in putting this order together.

Roger Flack (03/13)
Thank you very much for sending the jacket. It has just arrived and fits me perfectly. I am delighted with it and very much look forward to wearing it. I am very impressed with the service that you provided and I shall certainly come to you again if I need any further clothes of a similar type. Thank you so much.

Rick Donders (03/13)
Last week my waistcoat arrived with a perfect fit! Needless to say i was the sharpest dressed guy in town. Thank you for your kind service and patience. I'll surely be ordering from your site again. Thanks again.

Stephen McLean (02/13)
Hello there, I received my suit this afternoon and couldn't be happier. thanks a lot for the beautiful suit and your attention. Thanks again

Guus van Beek (02/13)
The Mens classic tweeds waist coat arrived at 21 February 2013. Thank you for the wonderful piece of art made with Harris Tweed. The color is wonderful and it fits perfectly. I recommend Harris Tweed Shop in Scotland for all who like to wear Classic tailor made Harris Tweed waist coats !!

Pete Rogers, UK (02/13)
(Harris Tweed Jacket) It's arrived ... and I love it!!

Mala Krishna (02/13)
Thank you for the beautiful coat! The fit is perfect! It came just as temperatures fell!

Wendie Pilkington (02/13)
Coat arrived yesterday afternoon, thank you. It is lovely and no doubt I will still get a lot of use out of this winter/spring. No sign of it warming up much down here.

Nikolaos Paraskevas (02/13)
On Monday I received my order. A wonderful jacket with wonderful colors and Perfect fit.Thank you very much.DEFINITELY WILL BUY AGAIN FROM YOU

Martin Forster, Australia (02/13)
Just a quick email to say that the waistcoats arrived safely and they are perfect…!

Page Graham, (Clan Graham of Montrose) (01/13)
I wanted you to know that the coat arrived today. The coat is handsomely made and fits to a tee. I will be sure to point all inquiries your way.

Jonathan Cordova (01/13)
Hello, I received my fabric like a week ago and I just noticed the nice card holder you sent me. Thank you very much!

Helen Robison FitzGerald (01/13)
I wanted to advise you that I received my clothing orders today and am very pleased. Thank you so much for your patience, high quality service and workmanship. Thank you so very much for helping me

Judy Parker (01/13), Canada
Thank you so much for the prompt and perfect service. My husband's tweed jacket arrived in plenty of time for Christmas and for him to spend enjoyable time shaking the box and wondering what was inside. The fit is perfect and he looks smashing in it, and "in it" he has very nearly remained. It has taken much persuasion to allow regular
integration with other jackets. Thank you too for the business card case which I tucked in his xmas stocking. What a
gift hero I was this year! As we're enthusiastic fans of the unique history and quality of Harris Tweed we're currently scanning your enticing catalogue and will be in touch again very soon.

Michael & Helen Crouch (01/13)
Thank you for your great service over the purchase, it was very much appreciated and made the whole thing trouble free. Now we know where you are we shall no doubt be back in touch in the future.
I need to add that I am delighted with the jacket. It is an excellent fit, beautifully made and the colours in the tweed change with the light and mix and match with so many clothes.

Jane Mandeville (01/13)
Just want to let you know the jacket arrived on Christmas Eve (great timing!) & is a perfect fit. Thanks for all your help

Melissa Hawthorne (01/13)
Hello and thank you very much! The actual Suitcoat that was purchased as a Christmas gift is beautiful! My boyfriend loved it,looks great on him and fits perfectly so it looks like I will be a repeat customer! Happy New Year!

Lars-Åke Skarp (12/12)
I have receive the new jacket. It´s superb and the size are perfect.It also fits perfect together with my new v-neck pullover, that my wife has knitted in English Rowan design.

Robert J Visser (12/12)
The parcel arrived. Thanks for the present. I am happy with the stornoway hat.

Amanda Prentice (12/12)
My father informs me that he received his jacket this morning. He would like me to let you know that it fits perfectly, and he is "more than pleased" with it.

Philip Duke (12/12)
My order has just arrived – beautifully made hat and excellent material, thanks.

Ciro Giorgini (12/12)
I have just received my three Harris Tweed jackets. They are beautiful, one better than the other and the size is right exact! Thank you so much

Karen Herschell (11/12)
I'm just writing to say thank you for the very swift delivery of this cap. I ordered it on Saturday and it arrived this
morning (Tues). I really didn't think I would get it before Christmas. It is a gift for my husband, and I know he'll love it.
So thank you again for your fantastic service.

Michael Crouch (11/12)
I just wanted to let you know that the jacket arrived here safely and to thank you for the fast and efficient service. The jacket looks lovely, I know my wife will be thrilled. Thanks again for all your help with this and in the meantime I hope
that you all have a Merry Christmas.

Shirley Colman (11/12)
Thank you Nigel, it arrived yesterday and is lovely!

Gwen Reglinsk (11/12)
My coat arrived last night it is perfect thank you very much for all your help.

Ian (11/12), NSW
just to say, the jacket and waistcoat arrived safely. everything is a perfect.

Jacqueline Llewellyn (11/12), USA
I had the pleasure of visiting Scotland for the first time last May with my husband and our first stop was Newtonmore because I wanted to have a Freedom coat made as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. I started wearing the coat here in Boston a month ago and the reason I am contacting you is because it has been a sensation! I get at least 3 comments a day from men, women, young, old, friends and strangers. I have told your story over and over as you explained how you organized the weavers to become consistent suppliers and modernized the color palate and the
cut and had the coats manufactured in England.

Hälsningar Pär Falkevikl (11/12)
Thank you very much! My orders are gifts to my fathers 60ths birthday. He is very pleased and The Harris Tweed Shop has recived a loyal customer. A new order for pair of tweed pants are to be expected in the coming future. Best regards/

Chris Dalziel (11/12)
I ordered a blue tweed in stock jacket in 40L for my husband and am very pleased. The fit is perfect and the fabric is just what I expected for Harris Tweed quality. This is the 2nd Harris Tweed Jacket my husband has had. The first lasted 15 years, so even with the 18% duty charged by Canada Customs, I know this jacket was an excellent buy. Shipping was exceptional -- I ordered it on Nov 4th and it arrived at our post office in rural Canada in 6 business days! That's even faster than ordering from Eastern Canada! Way to go! I'm thoroughly pleased with my purchase.

Marc McLemore (11/12)
I wanted you to know my jacket arrived today--surprisingly prompt, especially with the disruptive storm on our east coast--and that I'm very pleased with it. I will order from you again and recommend you at any opportunity.

Keiko Mori (11/12)
I have received a Harris Tweed short jacket and a matching hat of Peter James made in Great Britain today.They are really good (both cloth and tailoring)! Thank you very much for your prompt service. I shall place another order soon.

Gerald Gleeson (10/12), USA
Just wanted to let you know that the pants arrived yesterday. They are really spectacular. Perfect fit and really great fabric. Well worth the wait. I may need to order a matching jacket! Thanks again

Carsten Habermann (10/12), UK
The Tweed Wallet arrived today. Thank you very much!

Simone Signaroli (10/12), Italy
I had today the bag: very good indeed.

Gene Vezzabni (10/12), USA
My new Harris Tweed coat and cap arrived safely earlier this week and they are great!Thanks you so much!

Vladimir Ignatenkov (10/12)
Yesterday I received the jacket! It is very beautiful! Thank you a lot!!!

Hiroshi Nakajima (10/12)
Dougal Jacket - This jacket is the 3rd one of the Harris Tweed in my wardrobeElbow patches are very good!
Thank you.

Pete Cowell (10/12)
Just a quick note to say that the Taransay trousers have arrived and they are a perfect fit. Thank you for the excellent service.

Nicholas Graham (10/12)
Dougal Jacket - Received today fantastic.

David Radcliffe (10/12), USA
Dougal Jacket - Thanks, My coat arrived today. I LOVE IT

Dawn Fairchild (09/12)
To let you know that jacket arrived in good order and fits beautifully - I am eager for autumn weather so that I can put it to use. Thank you for your assistance

Kim Robertson (09/12)
Thank you! Our order has arrived safely and it is wonderful.

Peter Mathe Gyongyos (09/12), Hungary
Yesterday I received the centenary tweed jacket of Taverner, it was ordered not more than one week before. It is a very nice thing, and it was more cheaper at your firm, than at others places. Thanks for it.

Joantine Love (05/12)
Just wanted to let you know, that I received my jacket yesterday morning. It fits very well and I am really pleased with it. Thank you.

Simon Gent (05/12)
Thank you for sending the jacket out so promptly. It arrived safely yesterday, and fits perfectly. Today I have returned the first jacket I bought for a refund. Many thanks for your excellent service. I will certainly be ordering from you again.

Richard Gilchrist (04/12), USA
II just wanted to let you know I received my Hamish Tweed jacket the other day and was delighted. The quality and craftsmanship are stellar and very much appreciated. I will recommend your products to others and hope to visit the shop when I visit Scotland in 2014

Michel Keet (04/12)
I received my order of 3 shirts today. All is well. They fit perfectly. Thank you. I will put in a subsequent order soon. Thank you very much.

Norbert Pomorin (03/12)
Just a line to let you know that my jacket has arrived in Australia. The Jacket fits perfectly and looks great. I could not be more delighted.

Christine Williams (03/12)
My Harris Tweed coat arrived safely today and I want to thank you for such a lovely garment. It is a perfect fit with my heavy sweaters and the details are marvelous. I have always dreamed of having a Harris Tweed coat and my dream has come true with your help. I plan to order some metres of Haggarts Tweed soon and a lady's hat, too!

Mark (03/12)
It's great, fits good and the material is even better than the picture online

Al Hill (03/12)
I look like a highland gangster in it! I wore it to a party and it blew everyone away. It's been a long time since I've experienced that kind of reception in a crowd. Spot on tailoring; the smell of a freshly woven tweed! Like nothing in this world. I swear I found a tiny piece of straw in there. So glad I splurged on a bespoke suit. It's one of those things you think is expensive until you see the quality and craftsmanship and then realize what an incredible bargain it is. I know I'll have this the rest of my life but if I ever need anything else tweed I know where to come.

Jörg Stehlin (03/12)
Thank you very much for the 2 suits. Fit and workmanship is excellent and I very much like my shooting suits. Now with the weather turning somewhat more milder I even had the opportunity to wear them. Thank you for all your service and work. Much appreciated, especially since I like my suits and the cap will be the dot on the i.

Erik (02/12)
Just though I would drop a follow-up mail. I bought the ”Fergus Tweed Jacket” and got it around two weeks ago. So far I am really happy with it, it is really warm and of excellent quality and fits perfectly in other words a wonderful jacket.

Anton G. Camarota (01/12)
Thank you! The jacket arrived today in perfect condition, no duties were necessary. I am looking forward to ordering more from you in the future!

Joan B. Howard (01/12)
Thank you, thank you. The jacket arrived today and I love it! it fits perfectly. Perfect timing for a birthday gift!. Thanks again, I know I will enjoy it for years to come.

Matt Hanger (01/12)
Jacket recieved and is a very good fit.
A lovely garment at a great price and ultimately well worth the wait.

Tracey (01/12), UK
Just to let you know that the Freedom suit arrived on the Thursday before Christmas. Thank you for the prompt delivery and the suit is fabulous - beautiful fabric and design.

Lesley Mitchell (12/11)
My jacket has just arrived and is beautiful! Thank you.

Richard A. Biehl (12/11), USA
The jacket was waiting for me when I returned home last evening. It is everything I could have hoped for, and an exceptional value, as well.

Mrs. Jack (12/11)
The bag arrived this morning, and it's brilliant! I'm so impressed with the speedy delivery - 36 hours! That's what I call service!

Frank Kibittel (12/11)
Thank s a lot for delivering the jacket.I like it very much!! Hopefully not my last exemplar from Harris Tweed.

John Westy (12/11)
I have just received my new jacket- very happy , another great product and perfect fit. Cannot believe how quickly it gets here from Newtonmore , particularly at this time of the year.

Michele Niblock (12/11)
Thank you for such speedy service - I really appreciate it.

John Majkowski (12/11)
I received my Direlton Shooting Coat a week ago and have been using it every chance I get. It protects me in all weather even when I have a bad cold. The coat is very comfortable and roomy and the raglan sleeves are great. The best is all the pockets allow me to carry everything I need. People often complement me on its appearance and the fabric is beautiful in the sunlight when all of the rich colors in the fabric appear. It's a wonderful coat at a wonderful price. The tabs with snaps fit my gloves perfectly so they'll never get lost. You'll think I'm crazy for saying so but I like the Direlton better than my mink fur coat; it's just so practical and indestructible.

Jesús Quintano (12/11)
The jacket arrived yesterday. It' s perfect and so scottish...I think I will wear for ages. And I have to remark the orange inside: such a cool tradition.Thank you very much.

Mark Wade (11/11)
The garments are very nice, and the products are great. Thank you for your service and fine work.

Dr. J. Gary Bridges (10/11), USA
I received my Lightweight Harris Tweed Angus Jacket today and could not be more pleased. The jacket arrived by US Postal Service 11 days after placing the order via internet. I am very pleased with the quality of the jacket and the service I received from your shop.

Heather Harrison (10/11)
The hat has arrived and is absolutely gorgeous, very many thanks.

Robert J Visser (10/11)
My wife opened the package she phoned me directly. She was full of delight and telling me all the details. Many thanks again for all your work and the fun we had. Probably you will see me next year again.

Paul White (09/11), UK
Many Thanks for my Light Weight Herringbone Jacket that my wife gave me for my birthday, I am delighted with it.

Keith Hann (09/11)
I am very pleased with the Harris Tweed Jacket which was delivered this
afternoon by Parcel Force.

Karl McKenzie (09/11), Australia
My order of a Classic Harris Tweed Men’s Jacket arrived in Australia today. I am very impressed with the quality, presentation and online ordering process, as are my wife and neighbours. You can expect more orders in the near future.

Franziska Grünig (08/11)
Thank you for the quick delivery and the gifts!t

Beatriz Méndez (08/11), Spain
thank you very much for the nice Munro bag, the purse and the lovely calculator.

John Allwood (07/11), Australia
Having arrived back home after five weeks at sea,it was a great surprise to have my new jacket waiting for me.The fit and quality are second to none,also the gift was an unexpected and very nice surprise.The material and workmanship is of such a high standard,that unless my body shape changes dramatically in the future,my jacket will most surely outlast my lifetime !!!!!

Pat North, (07/11), UK
We received the sports jacket today and congratulate you on your excellent service. The jacket fits perfectly, and my husband is delighted! Thank you too for the unexpected 'surprise' calculator

Adam McIntosh (07/11)
Just wanted to let you know that I have received my Retro Suit and I am delighted with it. The cut and construction are beautiful but very sturdy as well. The tweed cloth is gorgeous. On the whole it is a very handsome suit. I also appreciate your excellent customer service and your understanding. I will be recommending you to my friends, and I look forward to my next purchase.

Kirsty Warren (07/11), Australia
Thanks! The skirt is beautiful and arrived today safe and sound. Thanks for the great service

Guus van Beek (06/11), Netherlands
The Harris Tweed light weight Jacket (Hamish) arrived yesterday and again: a perfect fit and great quality. Thank you very much for your excellent and reliable services. For those who are looking for tweed cloths of high quality I will strongly recommend the Harris Tweed Shop in the heart of Scotland.

Hattie Klotz (06/11)
Lovely tweed received last week in London.

Peter Evans (06/11), Australia
My coat arrived today. It fits like a glove and i am delighted with it. You can expect to receive further orders from me in the future. I will share my delight with my golfing partners.

Guus van Beek (06/11), Netherland
The Harris Tweed Classic Jacket arrived yesterday. It fits and suits very well. I would like to express my appreciation to Harris Tweed Shop for the excellence services in delivering high quality products.

Dave (05/11)
The order arrived today and everything looks and fits wonderfully. Thanks for your excellent service!

Antoine. F. Thieffry (05/11)
I just received my jacket today and wanted to thank you a lot for the quality and quickness of your service. Jacket is all I was expecting, with a good fitting. I will recommend your establishment to my friends

Mark S.Geston (05/11)
The sports coat just arrived and I wanted you to know how pleased and impressed with the quality of the product and the efficiency of the service. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends.

Susan Towne (05/11), USA
He did get his coat and vest, two days before Easter and was quite thrilled, rather in awe of actually having them...they looked great and he did cut quite a figure, I must say! Thank you very much again for them!  Now, he`s determined to get one of your classic overcoats.

Fanta Voogd (05/11), Amsterdam
Tweed has arrived. Thanks. It looks and feels great.

Dale O'Gorman (05/11)
I just received my new BT 2011 Fergus Coat today and I have to tell you bravo! The coat has exceeded my expectations, the fit is perfect! I think it's a wonderful piece and I have been telling all my friends about the store and recommending your products to them all. Thank you very much and I will certainly be ordering from you again.

John West Lau (04/11), Australia
Just letting you know that my jacket arrived today and has exceeded my  expectations in every way. Perfect fit and such a quality product!.  Quick delivery is an understatement- dispatched by you in Newtonmore  on 7 April and received , Australia less than a week later. A great experience all round

Jonty (04/11), UK
Thank you and the team for my beautiful new waistcoat - it looks and feels absolutely wonderful!

Jeff Blinkhorn (04/11),
Just a quick email to convey my thanks for the jacket which was delivered earlier today.  To say that we are pleased with it is an understatement.

Moore Dunbar (03/11),
This is just to let you know that the above order arrived this morning. Thank you for the free gift which you can rest assured will be well used. Thank you again for dealing promptly with this order

Paul Emery (03/11),
I have just received my made-to-measure suit in brown herringbone.It fits beautifully thank you, I love it.

James (03/11),
The jacket arrived this morning and is perfect! Will definitely shop with you again.

Peter Hall (03/11),
I have received my coat and it's just terrific, as I hoped.

Paula Brown (03/11),
I received the buttons this morning in the post.  Thank you so very much.  Can not compliment your customer service enough, fantastic.

Helen Barraclough (03/11),
Thank you for the flat cap.  My husband is very pleased with it

Robin Bailey(03/11),
My order has been delivered - an excellent jacket, promptly acknowledged and promptly delivered. My congratulations and thanks.

A G Tomson (03/11),
Thank you for the prompt delivery of my recent purchase. The cavalry twill trousers are of excellent quality.

John Roeder (02/11),
The waistcoat arrived Friday, My compliments to you and your staff for the timely delivery and excellent quality.

Andrew Kerensky (02/11),
This was actually my first online new suit purchase and I was quite worried about the whole process. Nigel Nicol who runs the Harris Tweed shop could not have been more helpful especially as I made several alterations along the way including my actual suit size!  I’ve wanted a genuine Harris Tweed suit for some time now and can say without a doubt the quality and workmanship of the suit is exceptional and the fit is excellent too. Its actually in the fit area that the HTS make things incredibly simple which is one of the main reasons I decided to purchased from the Harris Tweed shop as well as some exclusive colours they have. I would say to any one who is considering buying a Harris Tweed suit to definitely give Nigel Nicol a call, he is a very amicable and helpful chap who goes out of his way to ensure you find the suit that’s right for you.

Darcy McKinnon (02/11),
The Harris Tweed jacket and two Tattersalls arrived today.  They look and feel great!  Thank you once again, and look forward to dealing with you some time in the future.

Kathy (01/11),
Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Compton Cap is beautiful and my husband has not taken it off since we opened the parcel.

Guy Wilson (01/11), Germany
My jacket and waistcoat arrived yesterday and although I expected a great deal from you, have they exceeded my expectations. Everything was beautifully presented, the gift of the folding cup has been most gratefully accepted and I am sure that I will do business with you again. As a British citizen who lives abroad it is a privilege to deal with a British company that still has such respect for quality, tradition and style, I hope to be able to wear these clothes for many years

Sara Evans (01/11)
Waistcoat is beautiful

Pamela Kole (01/11)
Just wanted to let you know that I received the cap and could not be more pleased with it!!!

David (01/11)
I have received the waist coat and I am extremely pleased with it and the excellent service that your shop has provided.

Peter Salm (01/11)
The suit I ordered at Harris Tweed Shop has safely arrived. I am very happy with it and would like to thank you for the carefully done work.

Gary Abramson (12/10)
The jacket arrived today.  Looks great, fits perfectly.  Will order another from you next year.

Fabio Marino (12/10)
The quality is very nice. Thank You for the help and hoping to be in business together again.

Rebecca (12/10)
Thank you. I received the parcel today and the jacket looks amazing! Thank you too for the free spirit cup, a lovely gesture.

Hannah (12/10)
I received the Lewis cap yesterday thank you and I am VERY pleased with it - it's a Christmas present for my Dad and I know he'll love it.  Thanks for slipping in the free gift as well - very much appreciated.

Marc Hanrez (12/10)
The jacket has arrived today and I'm very pleased with it. I'll recommend your store to friends.

Fredrik Ahlgren (12/10)
I am very pleased to say that the jacket I ordered from you fits me perfectly. Excellent quality, thank you.

Michael Everhart (12/10)
The jacket arrived this morning.  It is beautiful.  Thank you for all of your help.  I look forward to shopping with you again.

John Roeder (11/10), USA
The trousers arrived today. They are beautiful and fit well. Please convey my compliments to your tailor.  I liked the trousers so well that I ordered a matching waistcoat today.

David (11/10)
I would just like to let you know that the first of the two jackets that I ordered arrived. It’s a perfect fit and I’m highly delighted with the quality of the jacket and for your very speedy delivery – well done! I’am looking forwards to receiving the second jacket.

Keith Harris (11/10)
I’ve just received the jacket I ordered from you and thought I’d e-mail to say how delighted I am with it. The fit and the quality are superb. I also thank you for the prompt delivery and excellent customer service, I am a very satisfied customer.

Martin OCallaghan (11/10)
I picked up my jacket from the post office today. I am very happy with it.It has exceeded my expectations
in every way. I will be looking to do business with you again and recommending your work to friends.

Fabio Ingrassia (11/10), Italy
I received my trousers today. They perfect fit and keep my legs warm. The colour is stunning. A sliver of Scotland on my skin. I will buy again from you site of course.

Marc Gibson (10/10), California
I received my Cairngorm tweed shooting jacket today.  Perfect fit and beautiful material.  Thank you very much.

Tom (10/10), Wales
I recently received my lightweight Harris Tweed Jacket,   I would like to say that the quality of the Harris Tweed fabric, the tailoring and the burnt orange lining was of superb quality.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to my family, friends and the wider public in general.  I am extremely impressed and will be using your store in future.  I am a relatively young man in my thirties and value quality, this is exactly what I received. A very satisfied customer!

Hilda Hannah (10/10)
I received my beautiful hat by post today. Thank you for posting it out to me.  This is what I call service and it was really very much appreciated.  I am absolutely thrilled with my hat and am looking forward to wearing it, along with my 3/4 coat.   Also many thanks for the small gift enclosed in the same parcel.  This was an unexpected, but nevertheless greatly received surprise.  We are delighted to have found such a superb establishment on our doorstep and shall certainly visit again.

Helga Truckenbrodt (10/10)
Today your coat arrived in Berlin, Everything is fine, Thank you very much

Kevin Thomas (10/10)
My jacket arrived today. It fits beautifully and feels great. Thank you for your service

Terence Jones (10/10)
Just a note to say thank you very much for the replacement leather button for my Harris Tweed jacket. It arrived at lunchtime today in the post and I must say I'm very impressed by the quick, civilised and helpful manner in which you've dealt with my call for help

Terry Young (10/10)
Thank you so much for my 'beautiful H.T. jacket' and the gifts. Delivery was on time and well packaged.

Vincent Savaglio (10/10)
My suit arrived yesterday and is satisfactory in all respects. 

Don (10/10)
The jackets arrived yesterday - I am pleased in all respects with the garments and your service. 

Domenico D. De Falco (10/10)
This afternoon, I received the Harris tweed jacket from you. It's very beautiful and comfortable. Thank you very much.

Zac (10/10)
Package arrived today containing one beautiful hat and a rather smart travel clock.  I'm sure I will have more custom for your business in the fullness of time.

Vincent Savaglio (10/10)
My suit arrived yesterday and is satisfactory in all respects

Hal Gustin (10/10)
A few weeks ago, I received a Harris tweed Jacket from you.  I am very pleased with it.  It is probably the most comfortable jacket I’ve owned.  I was also very pleasantly surprised by the shipping time.  It took only five days from the time I ordered it on-line until the time I received it in Colorado (including about two days in Customs in New York).

Jan Huber (10/10)
The jacket arrived today in good order. My wife was a bit shocked at the orange lining, but the jacket is beautiful and it fits perfectly. Thank you!

Steve Hobbs (9/10)
My “Hamish” Harris Tweed jacket arrived this morning, and I am delighted. The colour of the cloth is beautiful, the tailoring excellent, and the fit perfect. This is going to be a lasting favourite!

Rémi GASQUET (9/10)
I just got the package for my jacket and I just want to thank you. The quality is just about great. I will then order at least two other jackets, thank you for this great experience.  Bravo !

S. Raffetto (9/10), USA
My jacket looks and fits great! I'm very pleased.  Thank you very much.  I expect to place another order soon.

G.Pignatari (9/10), Italy
I got the jacket, it's really really good!

Bas Teunis, Netherlands (9/10)
Today, your parcel containing my jacket arrived safely. I am very pleased with the jacket. It is really beautiful and well made, and it fits perfectly. Thank you very much!

Neal Allen, (8/10)
Thanks for the Ghillie vest; Thanks for the service!

Isaac Herrin, (8/10)
The jacket came two days ago. I could not more satisfied. The fit is perfect . Thank you again.

William R. Moore, USA (8/10)
just received the Harris Tweed Jacket, and it is excellent, as well as the shirt. Both fit as if custom tailored, and the tailoring is outstanding.

Margaret Stevens, Paris (8/10)
The Tweed is beautiful...thank you for the prompt service

Lloyd W Klein (7/10)
The coat did arrive today and its perfect. Thanks so much, you can count me as a repeat satisfied customer.

Shackley Raffetto (7/10)
I purchased a jacket from your company recently and was very impressed with the quality, colour, wool, tailoring, etc.  That's why I am ordering another, and will probably order a traditional suit eventually!

William, Eindhoven (7/10)
Jacket fits perfectly, and it is the the most beautiful jacket I have ever had
, Thank you

Cecilia, Sweden (6/10)
Just wish to say thank you for your speedy service and the wonderful tweed, which arrived here in perfect condition!

Erlend Loe, Norway (6/10)
I received the suit today and it is really well crafted and nicely looking and feeling.

Art Lennox, USA (6/10)
I got the jacket the other day. Absolutely beautiful job!!! We will be doing business again with you!! Thanks,

Christina, Australia (5/10)
I just wanted to let you know that we received my Dads jacket today, and he totally loves it! So thank you very much from all of us, it is beautiful and my Dad loves it a lot

Michel, France (4/10)
Thank you for your efficient service!

Frits, Netherlands (4/10)
Just to let you know how pleased I am with the Marr jacket I received today. It fits me like a glove and the Breanish rust cloth is exactly as I expected. Thank you very much for taking such good care of my order!

Nuno (3/10)
Jacket received today. Looks great, thanks.

Walter Meyer (3/10)
The jacket and suit arrived today. Both items fit perfectly well and I am very pleased with the quality of the cloth and cut.

Bruce Keith (3/10)
The jackets arrived. Beautiful!

Charlotte Britto (3/10)
Just to thank you for the beautiful waistcoat

Per, Sweden (3/10)
Jackets arrived today. Beautiful tweed!

Morgan J. Poliquin, USA (12/09)
The package arrived and the items are beautiful, thank you.

Mary Duke, USA (12/09)
I really love the gillet, and it fits perfectly. Your efforts are very much appreciated!

Claus Nielsen, Portugal (12/09)
You have made 5 different nice suits for me, but the number one is the traditional linnensuit. Cool in the heat, causal but nice

Marshall, USA (11/09)
Thank you for the beautiful sports coat. It fits perfectly and is simply outstanding!

Gordon, UK (11/09)
The jacket fit, style and tweed weight are superb. Excellent service. One very satisfied customer, thank you. I'm sure I will be back.

Ekman, Sweden (11/09)
Thanks for your delivery every thing was perfect

Peter Cleife, Spain (11/09)
The packaged has arrived. Fit is perfect.

Canon Jordan, Canada (11/09)
The jacket arrived in excellent condition today. I'm very pleased once again.

Sean O'Neill, New York (10/09)
T hank you very much for the fine jacket. I am very pleased with your product

BR, Theodor, Sweden (10/09)
I just received my "on sale" Harris Tweed jacket in "Brown Herringbone Stripe", the jacket in wonderful and fits perfectly

Jim Mitchell, USA (10/09)
Just a quick note to say how much I like coat. I will definitely recommend you to friends.

Dan Felsen, USA (10/09)
would just like to say how impressed I am with the two tweed jackets I bought last month. I couldn't be more pleased.

John Pearson, UK (10/09)
Thank you very much for your perfect service. The Harris Twed Jacket fitted perfectly.

Kathleen Macrae, Scotland (10/09)
Love the waistcoat. Thank you

Marc, USA (10/09)
The Harris Tweed Jacket fits perfectly, it's lovely.

Theodor, Sweden (10/09)
I just received my Harris Tweed jacket in "Brown Herringbone Stripe", the jacket in wonderful and fits perfectly. Would it be possible to oder pants and a waistcoat in the same material?

Wim Rietveld, Netherlands (10/09)
These are great jackets. Do not be surprised if you get more orders from The Netherlands, because I am telling my friends.
I also ordered a new jacket this morning.

JWS, Alaska (9/09)
The Harris Tweed jacket arrived in the postal mail this weekend. It fits. The style is perfect. Thank you.

Wojciech Zoltowski, Poland (9/09)
Harris Tweed Trousers have just arrived. Excellent value, many thanks

David King, Northern Ireland (9/09)
Thank you for this sports jacket which arrived on Friday, and with which I am absolutely delighted. As with my previous 2 orders it is a perfect fit, very comfortable, smart and extremely well made.

Liz Pearce, (7/09)
Thank you for the tweed that arrived this morning - very pleased indeed with it - should make a handsome set of chairs.

Vincent Savaglio, USA (6/09)
My three piece suit and cap have come to land safely this morning. It is very satisfactory in all respects

William Armstrong, USA (6/09)
Thank you, I received the Harris Tweed jacket this morning. It is magnificent, I am very pleased.

M Briscoe, England (6/09)
Thank you for the jacket which arrived yesterday afternoon. I am pleased to say that it is a perfect fit and seems to be of the quality that is hard to find nowadays so I am very pleased to have found you. p

Susan, England (5/09)
This is just to let you know that my father's tweed suit arrived safely yesterday and he is very pleased with it.

Evan Fulton, USA (5/09)
I received my Harris Tweed Brown Herringbone in the post today. It is certainly the finest garment I now own. Thank you so very much.

Claus Nielsen, Denmark (3/09)
I liked the latest suit so much, that I am thinking of one more, in green.

William Hagerup, Norway (3/09)
The trousers arrived today and they looked absolutely great. They fit like gloves, and I have never had a pair of trousers fit that good on the first trying. No need for any alterations at all! and I will recommend you to all my friends.

José, Spain (2/09)
Thank you very much. I´ve got my jacket on today. It´s woderful. Regards

Rich, USA (2/09)
I just got the jacket. It is just what I was looking for and fits great.
Now that I know how easy it is dealing with you guys I might have to get some pants too.
Thanks for your help, you guys were great.

Dennis Belair, USA (2/09)
The Fabric arrived today and it looks great, thank you for the prompt delivery. My hunting partner, Gunn, my Springer Spaniel, is going to look great in his new coat.

Powell Cotter, USA (1/09)
Just received this order today and this is a fine cap which I will enjoy and thank you for sending so promptly.

Philip Adams, UK (1/09)
Hat just arrived. Very pleased, thank you for the fast delivery.

Domenico D. De Falco, Italy (1/09)
I received the Strathdon Cap yesterday; it's very beautiful. Thank you very much.

Ben Picaud, France (1/09)
Thank you for your service and for the quality of the clothes you provide, and thank you for having delivered it on time.

D J King, Ireland (01/09)
Antrim Thank you for the prompt delivery of my Harris tweed suit which arrived yesterday, and with which I am absolutely delighted. It is a perfect fit and exactly what was ordered.

F.M. Draper, USA (11/08)
I have been enjoying two pairs of your excellent Harris Tweed trousers for five years and am considering buying another pair. p

P Mullen, UK (11/08)
Got my cap, it's great, thanks much.

G Marsh, UK (9/08)
I would like to thank you for making the Tarbert Shore heavy weight Harris Tweed trousers so promptly. They fit perfectly.

Gianluca Marini, Italy (9/08)
The shooting Jacket has arrived correctly yesterday evening! Many thanks, the tweed is really fantastic and perfectly tailored for my size.

Suzanne Loft, Canada (9/08)
Received the Harris Tweed Atlantic Blue fabric today, it's gorgeous. Thanks for your help.

Norman Jee, USA (7/08)
I am very pleased with the tweed material, and when finished my renovated rocking chair will look better than new.

Marini Gianluca, Italy (6/08)
The jacket in the Breanish Bronze tweed is beautiful and a colour that I have never before seen in the shops in Italy. I hope to order another jacket for this autumn. I will remain with your for my future tweeds.

Bill Cooper, USA (1/08)
My stock jackets arrived. The fabrics are very nice. The Breanish is exceptionally nice. So, thanks and I'll likely buy from you again. I've got my eye on that Saxony jacket.

Satoshi Akima, USA (1/08)
Thank you for the tweed sport caps you recently sent me. I am very
happy with them and plan to order several more.

Gerd Reul, Germany (1/08)
The shooting suitt arrived - thank you very much. We have a saying in German which goes "good things need their time"

J P Lascamela, France (11/07)
I received my jacket today and I am very satisfied with the finish and quality.

Don, USA (11/07)
We got the two Harris Tweed coats today. Thanks. They are very nice. Can we order another.

G. Marini, Italy (11/07)
The tweed jacket arrived this afternoon and I am extremely satisfied with the high quality of the product. I shall be ordering a shooting suit soon.

Abe, USA (11/07)
I just received the garments today, and I want to thank you very much for a smooth service. You have gained a regular happy customer!
The two Jackets are perfect! Thank you.

Greg McCann, USA (10/07)
My hat arrived today and I am happy to say that it is beautifully made and fits perfectly. Thank you.

Kim White, Australia (8/07)
My Harris Tweed cap arrived over the weekend. It fits well and I am very pleased with it, thanks.

Vidar Vikøren , Sweden (4/07)
Thank you for the very nice tweed suit I received earlier this year !
I am indeed very satisfied with it and consequently I have decided to order one more in the nearest future.

Kevin, Scottish Estate Manager, (3/07)
Just to say thanks for the suit you made up so quickly. Tailoring is great!
I will certainly use you again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company to others.
Thanks again

Patrick Truhn, USA (1/07)
I am delighted with the suit I recently received and I wish to order a second suit in Harris Tweed. Many thanks.

Willie, UK (6/06)
Received my hat today absolutely delighted with it first class workmanship and great service.

Dale Teachout, USA (5/06)
I received my order today of the Strathcarron cap and I wish to tell you that I am especially pleased! It will make the perfect shooting cap. Thank you

Ugo Frascherelli, Italy (3/06)
I received the two jackets (blue and northumbrian). They are perfect and really fantastic. The colour blue is fantastic. Many Thanks

Randall "Rh" Houston, USA (3/06)
Just received the vest and cap and I’ve got to tell you they are outstanding…absolutely beautiful. The actual tweed looks so much better than the web page representation. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with these item.

Todd Grant, USA (2/06)
Thank you for your Harris Tweed jacket. I have already worn it twice. Exceptional fabric and workmanship I appreciate your professionalism.

Jamie L. Brad, USA (2/06)
Thank you for the high level of customer service you provide. You can be sure of future business form me.

Doug Marshall, USA (1/06)
I can't say enough about the Breanish Blue Breanish tweed jacket I have and lok forward to receiving my new 3pc suit and trousers. It's always fun to have something a bit out of the ordinary.

Mark Van Tuy, USA (1/06)
I Just wanted to let you know that the cap arrived today and it's WONDERFUL! Thank you very much for the excellent service and fine quality merchandise.

Jay Stone, (USA) (12/05)
The Breanisn Tweed Jacket is wounderful, thanks for all your help.

Louise Marker, USA (12/05)
I received the Donegal kilt today, I am thrilled and am so excited to give this to my irish son-in-law. He will be so surprised..thanks for making christmas so fun for me!!

Jacqueling Matthews, UK (12/05)
Many thanks for the Cavalry Twill trousers, they are excellent quality. I'm so glad I found you!

Leonid Androutsky, Russia (12/05)
I'd like to thank you for the jacket. The size is absolutely ok, and the
quality is superb.It's a pleasure to have business with you.

Alan Forsyth, UK (11/05)
I am pleased to see that you, and the Harris Tweed Jacket that you made for me 4 years ago , are still going strong. I am comin back to you because of the extremely high quality of your tailoring and looking forward to seeing your new tweed swatches.

I. W. Stephenson, USA (11/05)
The breeks arrived in this mornings mail. Thank you! Kindly place on order another pair of breeks in Ghillie. Thank you for the fine service and fine product.

Thomas Lee, USA (11/05)
The Harris Tweed suit you recently did for me is wonderful and a perfect fit ... right out of the box!

Ryan J. Mills, UK (9/05)
I have just recently recieved my tweed trousers and thay are absolutely fantastic. I could not be more pleased with them. I'd like to thank everyone for taking their time making the trousers.

Brian Flegg, UK. (3/05)
Just to let you know I have received my jacket, it is just what I wanted!

Douglas R. Marshall, USA. (12/04)
I have received the Marr jacket. Thank you for providing a fine product. Scottish tweeds are hard to find in the USA these days, at one time they were readily available in fine men's stores.

Michael Stevens, Sweden (5/04)
This jacket, which my daughter Tina Stevens ordered for me, has just arrived. The colour and the pattern are excellent. It fits perfectly and I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you for all the trouble you have taken.

P. Besse, France (3/04)
I have just received the Harris Tweed Jacket. The colour is perfect.
Thank you so very much

J.R.Costa, USA (3/04)
Just a note to inform you that I am extremely satisfied with the 3 Harris Tweed Marr jackets that I purchased through The Harris Tweed Shop. The Herringbone fabric has a wonderfully rich look and feel and they fit as though they were tailored to me. Thank you.

David Slack, IN (3/04)
I have just received my new cap and am very pleased with the fit, quality, and appearance. You told me it would be in my hand in 4 weeks. It took 3 weeks and 3 days, I'm looking forward to ordering again. Thank you

Alan Hardie, UK (11/03)
I couldn't believe it. What fantastic service. My jacket arrived this morning and it is everything I hoped it would be; quality, fit, style...all perfect. This could mark the start of a collection!

Michael Del Rossi, (6/03)
PAMy Harris Tweed suit arrived and everything fits perfectly. I couldn't be more satisfied.
Thank you and can you please also let me have some samples of your Breanish Tweed.

Steven Higgins, CA (5/03)
I want to thank you for the caps. We just had our party and they were well received. Very good quality. The colour is perfect. We will be wearing them on our trip to Scotland in August.

Ethan Carr, MA (2/03)
I received the two Harris Tweed jackets. They fit perfectly. Thank you for your help.

Dennis Carnagey, WA (12/02)
I have just received the 3 suits I ordered and they are gorgeous.
Well worth the money,

Hannes Bichler, Austria (12/02)
I received my Weathered Golden Brown Harris Tweed jacket.
I want to thank you for sending it so promptly and to ensure you how much I enjoy to have it. It is fitting wonderful.
It is really a wonderful made piece.
I take a lot of pleasure in it and want to thank you once more.

Susan Bleakney, Texas (11/02)
I received my brother's jacket this morning. It is beautiful,The workmanship is exceptional, the colours gorgeous and I appreciate you being so prompt with the delivery. Thank you so very much.

Bary Roth, Illinois (10/02)
I Just received the Harris Tweed suit I ordered from you. I wanted to take a moment to thank you. It's a really nice suit and fits perfectly. Thanks for your hard work.

Howard Stringfellow, Scanton (10/02)
The Harris Tweed jacket has arrived and fits perfectly.
Thank you.

Robert Wilson, Illinois (8/02)
Hello, Jacket received today, quality , workmanship and fit are superb. Thank you

Judi Gannon McPherson, KS (06/02)
The third sports jacket you shipped to me arrived yesterday!It is beautiful-my favourite, I think! I am sure that my son will love it, and he usually dresses rather informally!
Thank you again for your prompt, personal service! It has been a delight to work with you!

James M. Gardner, Hobart, Indiana (01/02)
My sports jacket arrived today. Had you come to my home and taken measurements, it could not have fit better! Excellent job.
Thank you.

Michael Del Rossi, Huntingdon Valley, PA (01/02)
My two sports jackets arrived today. I am very pleased.
Thank you for your excellent service. I am looking forward to doing business with you again.

Judi Gannon, Sterling USA (01/02)
Over the weekend I gave my husband the sports jacket I had ordered from your company. He was thrilled!!!!!!! The sports jacket was beautifully made. It fits as if it was tailored especially for him. Thank you for your good service.

Sako Aiao, London UK (01/02)
I received a pair of beautiful tweed trousers for my father, I am very pleased with the perfect finish. Thank you very much.

Becky Mattingly, Alexandria VA (12/01)
A note to advise you that the jacket arrived and is beautiful.
Am really pleased with the quality and the promptness of your service.
I shall look forward to giving it as a gift and look forward to purchasing more items from your shop in the future.

Brian Varga, St. Louis MA (11/01)
I was so pleased that the 2 tweed waistcoats arrived today-the very day I need them!
The quality of their materials and the craftsmanship is first rate.
Thank you so much for the superb attention to my order.
I want you to know how grateful I am for your quality product and for your exceptional attention to my patronage.

Bernd Gumbel, Germany (11/01)
Thank you for the Harris tweed suit-the best I have ever had! Congratulations to your tailor-team.
I think that I will order another shortly.

Marsha Nekermann, Ann Arbor (9/01)
The Tweed jacket arrived Saturday, Looks great and fits great. Thank you.

Robert Skelnar, Ann Arbor (03/01)
The Harris Tweed Suit arrived yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled. The suit itself is beautiful, both the fabric and cut, many thanks

Anne Haldane, Hook, UK (03/01)
I just wanted to say thanks for all your help when I suddenly decided on you looking for jackets, like yesterday! Thanks for the great service and fabulous jackets, gorgeous quality. I promise I will come back for more.

Thomas Mannor, New Jersey (01/01)
Received the Harris Tweed jacket this afternoon and it is very nice. I am pleased with the jacket.

Paul Kavanagh-Mosson, Spain (12/00)
I am delighted with the Harris Tweed Suits. They are exactly what I wanted. I am very pleased with the quality and cut of both suits. Many thanks for everything. I shall recommend you to my friends

Thomas Manner, North Brunswick NJ (11/00)
Received my Harris Tweed Jacket this afternoon and it is very nice. I am pleased with the jacket.

Hans Koesser, Kenosha (9/00)
I received my Tweed Suit last week, It is very nice. Thank you


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